Install Guide

Follow all the steps for the application to work properly and do not forget to apply after-installation settings.


  1. Must have created a MobiSafer account with a valid email address
  2. Must Have access to the target phone and permission of the phone owner to install the application

App Installation & Configuration

  1. Click here to go to Register form.
  2. Fill all fields like Full Name, Email, and password in the Register form
  3. Now access in targeted device chrome browser. Download app by clicking "Download App" button.
  4. Open the download file and grant "unknown Source" permission to install it. [ Video Install Guide ]
  5. Once install complete, open the app and grant all access permission. Enter your login credentials (registered email address and password) in the App login section. After login complete, you will see the status "Wait few seconds". After just click hide icon button. After successful installation, Delete apk file from downloads and clear the browser history.

Battery Optimization Settings

Disable any of Battery saver, Sleeping apps, Background restriction options in your device. When battery saver is turned on, the system places restrictions on all apps. This is an existing feature that is improved with Android 9.x and 10.x.

Note: The list of Battery saver/Battery optimization/Power management options can vary between Android versions and Mobile models.

  1. Redmi/Xiamoi

    Settings => Manage apps => « Mobile Data » Auto Start => Turn ON

    Settings => Manage apps => « Mobile Data» Battery Saver => No restrictions

  2. OPPO/Realme

    Settings => Battery => More battery settings => Optimize battery use => « Mobile Data » => Don’t optimize

  3. OnePlus

    Settings => Battery => Battery optimization => « Mobile Data » => Don’t optimize

  4. Vivo

    iManager => Apps => Special app access => Background power consumption management => Mobile Data=> Turn ON

  5. Samsung

    Settings => Battery and device care => Memory => Excludes apps => Add apps => « Mobile Data» => Add