About Us

Mobisafer is a multi-purpose application that primarily works as a mobile backup app. As a mobile data backup, mobisafer takes back up of your phone contact, text messages, call logs, call recordings, images, videos, location, to mention a few. You can also track your lost mobile by finding the live location with the help of GPS; It helps protect your data from falling on the wrong side by remote wiping your data in case of mobile theft or loss.

To add more value to mobisafer, a parental control application can also be used to track your child's mobile phone behavior without them knowing about it.

Mobisafer understands how vital your data ,hence we save them in the cloud with AES Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) techniques and technologies. Only the person who has access to the account can decrypt the data and view it.

Our top-notch security and technology is enhanced with excellent after-sales support and customer service for customers' delight. Our mission is to take security technology to everyone and make everyone understand and avoid many problems due to digital negligence.